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To my wonderful Paw Walkies family,

This Christmas make sure you Eat & Drink plenty and have an amazing day with your friends & families. Travel safely and enjoy your holidays.. tis’ the season to be jolly! 

Big kisses to all my paw kids and remember to keep them safe around the  Christmas food-Christmas goodies. Here’s my quick tips for things to make sure your dogs avoid

NAUGHTY FOR DOGS– Do NOT feed your dogs these foods
· Christmas Pies/Puddings/Cake – Sultanas, Currants, Raisins can be fatal 
· Turkey skin and bones – Skin is too fatty and the bones can splinter· Ham- Too fatty
· Chocolate – Poisonous to dogs
· Nuts – some nuts are toxic for dogs eg. Macadamia, so best avoided all together
· Onions – Poisonous to dogs 
· Candy canes – Too high in sugar

Love to you all, keep safe and beautiful
M xxx