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❄ Most of us have already suffered a cold this winter- but did you know your dog can too ❄

I’ve been at home this week with the flu and it’s got me thinking about how it’s not just us who get ill so I thought I would share some info with you all about it so you know what to look out for.

The canine kennel cough is just like our human cold – It is highly contagious between dogs so if your dog is showing some symptoms then it’s best to keep away from other dogs.

Kennel Cough symptoms include-
*Nasal Symtons such as sneezing and runny nose
*Watery Eyes
*Loss of appetite

Kennel cough vaccines are available from your vet- although even if your dog has been vaccinated there are still chances of catching the dreadful cold. 

If your dog catches kennel cough (or any other nasty bug) the best thing to do is keep them indoors, warm and comfortable. Allow them to have plenty of rest. 

Recovery can take anywhere from 10 days – 2 weeks- so patience and lots of love and cuddles

Severe cases may need an antibiotic prescription and cough medicine prescribed by your vet 🚑

Paw Walkies has a stand down period once symptoms of KC or other illnesses are cleared to make sure any poorly bugs are not passed onto the pack.