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The Paw Walkies pack loves our dog walks along the rivers. We are pretty spoilt for choice with some epic river walks close by. In my professional dog walking opinion (haha!) we have the best walks around Silverdale, Millwater, Orewa, Whangaparoa and Red Beach.

Not only are they pretty on the scenic front but when we are running around on a river walk the dogs can just be dogs – and that’s the funnest part!

They can charge around doing zoomies all over the various tracks, weaving in and out of the trees which is great for their agility and having a lot of fun with their friends. There are lots of sights and smells on a river walk, so great for stimulating all their senses.  

 There are often paddocks nearby where they get to run, explore, get grubby and roll in duck poo and find a big muddy puddle for a good cool down bath … lol! They just get to be dogs which is awesome to see. 

If you’re up for a bit more adventure you could take your kayak down to the Weiti River to swim in and take your kayak our for a paddle while your dog has fun splashing around.  The rivers around us have a heap of various walking tracks and it’s great to meet new doggy friends on our walks. We often bump into other dog walkers or dog owners who join in our fun which is extra fun having a big squad!

We are always far from the road to these are great walks for staying safe and suitable for all ages so younger pups can have a run around safely off their lead and the golden oldies can enjoy the scenery with some flatter terrain.

Are you looking for a dog walker or does your dog fancy joining our pack and joining in our fun? Give me a shout and get them in on the action or have a read about our pet care services!