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With the weather starting to hot up walks that keep the pack cool are an important thing to think about.

We are very lucky to have a heap of awesome forest walks around us. The dogs love our bush walks with lots of interesting things to look at, wildlife to sniff and tracks to smell.. great for their senses. Usually there’s a spot to swim in and cool down.

The bush dog walks we go on always have great views with both natural and man made tracks to explore. The native birds sing as we walk and the mind and should is instantly cleansed.

Often we meet new friends on our walks which is great for some extra socialisation and we even get to say hello to a horse or two which can be very exciting.

With many forests being shut for Kauri Dieback, we have to be careful where we head our on our dog walks. This means
there is a lot of on leash walking, which is great building manners at the same time.

There are so many awesome forest walks around us. Our faves are

  • Riverhead Forest, Riverhead, Rodney
  • Centennial park, Campbells Bay, North Shore
  • Paremoremo Forest, Albany
  • Eaves Bush, Orewa, Rodney

If you want to get your dog in our our amazing adventures, get in touch today. Paw Walkies offers dog walking services across Rodney, The North Shoes, Riverhead and Kumeu.