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Dog Training Services

Mind Your Manners!

Dog Training Services

With qualifications in animal management, canine behaviour and training my walks are a great way to support your dog’s training programme.

Sometimes it can take the support of an experienced ‘outsider’ to correct problematic behaviours. By combining training techniques with your dog as we have fun on a walk they will be stimulated and keen to learn.

If you’d like help improving your dog’s manners or any other behavioural challenges, get in touch today to see how our training walks can help.

What we do

Paw Walkies Services

Dog Walking

Whether you need help with your canine buddies while you are out at work, or are keen to get them some socialising pack fun, our dog walks are stimulating, energetic and a heap of fun!

TRaining Walks

With qualifications held in Canine behaviour and training, through our walks I can support your training plan, making sure doggy manners are developed to keep your pooch on their best behaviour

Pet Sitting

At Paw Walkies we love dogs but when it comes to pet sitting our service covers all types of domestic pets, so cat sitting as well as goats, sheep, cows, pigs, chickens – most farm animals