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Flu Season – the canine edit

❄ Most of us have already suffered a cold this winter- but did you know your dog can too ❄ I've been at home this week with the flu and it's got me thinking about how it's not just us who get ill so I thought I would share some info with you...

Meet the Pack – Harley

Harley, Harlem, Bear, Hershey, Boofhead, Harls….. this boy has A LOT of nicknames. Mostly because he is full of character and I love him! Harley has transformed from a cat hater, to a cat lover. A chicken chaser to a chicken friend. Unsure of goats to chilling with...

Meet the Pack – Shava

Meet the handsome Shava! Shava has been walking with me for some time has become very social. He enjoys a good run through the open paddocks, a roll around in the duck poo and a swim in the river.  Shava has developed amazing recall while out with his buddies. He...

Meet the Pack – Loki

Loki has really come out of shell and we are so proud of him. From a shy little man to a confident stunner, Loki loves enticing play with his bestest buddies. Loki will sit in the field, wait for a buddy, lie down and then game is on!!!  If you fancy...

We Woof you a Merry Christmas!

To my wonderful Paw Walkies family, This Christmas make sure you Eat & Drink plenty and have an amazing day with your friends & families. Travel safely and enjoy your holidays.. tis’ the season to be jolly!  Big kisses to all my paw kids and remember to keep...

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Dog Walking

Whether you need help with your canine buddies while you are out at work, or are keen to get them some socialising pack fun, our dog walks are stimulating, energetic and a heap of fun!

TRaining Walks

With qualifications held in Canine behaviour and training, through our walks I can support your training plan, making sure doggy manners are developed to keep your pooch on their best behaviour

Pet Sitting

At Paw Walkies we love dogs but when it comes to pet sitting our service covers all types of domestic pets, so cat sitting as well as goats, sheep, cows, pigs, chickens – most farm animals