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Did you know that the council have proposed changes to the dog management by laws? Did you also know that the recommendation is to further limit dog’s access to beaches during the spring and summer months?

The deadline for public feedback is 10th May 2019.

There are a number of things up for review but the most important thing for you to know is the proposed change to access for dogs on our beaches. We all have the opportunity to review the proposal and submit your feedback directly to the council so make sure you understand the changes and get your feedback in!

At most of our beaches currently dogs are prohibited from 10am – 5pm from Labour Weekend to 1st March. The council are recommending that the access times are changed across the whole Auckland region. This will mean that dogs won’t be allowed on the beaches during the spring and summer period until 7pm.

The proposed changes recommend access should not be permitted during this period of the year until 7pm.

We all know how much our dogs love to run around on the beach. This change will take away 2 hours of beach access for us with our dogs every day during our spring and summer months. This doesn’t seem so fair for our well behaved and fun loving pooches so if you are a dog owner, make sure you have your say on this!

You have until 10th May to submit your feedback through the Auckland Council website – here